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6 Things to Avoid Doing on Valentine’s Day

valentine's day in hawaii

valentine's day in hawaii

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday filled with love, happiness, and romantic dinner spots. Unfortunately, it’s also an easy holiday to mess up 😬 Some of your ideas for V-Day might sound great in theory but totally backfire when you actually try and implement them! To (try our best) to save you some trouble, we’ve put together 6 things you should definitely AVOID doing this Valentine’s Day:


1. Going on a first date

First dates are great and exciting…on any day except for Valentine’s Day! It’s too intense of a holiday to share on a first date. You may end up coming across as too clingy or too cheesy- neither make a good first impression on a potential partner! We suggest skipping out on Valentine’s Day for your first date and make a reservation at Top of Waikiki for the week after 😉


2. Panicking and buying over-priced chocolate boxes at the convenience store

overpriced chocolates

This is a bad idea for two main reasons: 1) your significant other will *totally* be able to tell that you forgot, and 2) you’ll end up paying, like, 20 bucks for a tiny box of chocolates! Yikes…


3. “Forgetting” about the holiday entirely

Pretending to forget about Valentine’s Day is a sure-fire way to make your S.O. upset. If you’re planning a surprise, tell them! Don’t try acting like February 14th is just another regular day and then shocking your partner by showing up with plans at the last minute. They’ll probably be in their pajamas binge-watching Netflix (at least, that’s what we would be doing).



4. Printing out a poem from the internet


If you want to try writing an original poem for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, we say go for it! However, we say don’t go for a generic poem you found on a Google search. Put in a little bit of effort, at least.


5. Trying to cook dinner at home

cooking at home

Unless you’re literally a chef, trying to cook dinner at home might not be the best idea for Valentine’s Day. This holiday is supposed to be a day of spending quality time together and celebrating your love. Not a day of you slaving away frantically in the kitchen while your partner watches TV by themselves waiting for dinner to be ready…


6. Showing up at a restaurant without a reservation

Showing up without a reservation at a nice restaurant doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get a table…unless it’s Valentine’s Day. People make their Valentine’s Day plans weeks in advance and trying to find a table at the last minute means you’ll likely be calling every restaurant in town…then ordering a pizza. Don’t get us wrong, pizza on V-Day sounds great, as long as that’s your original idea! Not idea #17 because 1-16 were completely booked for the evening.

couple cheers

Now that we’ve told you the things you should be avoiding on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to tell you what you should be doing: having a romantic dinner at Top of Waikiki! Everything is more romantic when you’re slowly revolving over Waikiki; plus we’ve got a delicious four-course prix fixe menu, two cocktail specials, and a complimentary champagne special when you book between 9:30-10pm! Be sure to book your table for a memorable Valentine’s Day before we’re completely booked, too!