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7 Reasons Why Ice Cream is Good For You

dog eating ice cream

la gelateria hawaii

We all love ice cream; if you say you don’t, you’re obviously lying! What if we told you that ice cream is actually good for you and your health? Mind = blown…because it’s true! Not only does ice cream taste absolutely delicious but it also has many health benefits, gives you an excuse to buy local, and can give you more energy! Keep reading for 7 reasons why ice cream is good for you and learn a little bit about our favorite ice cream vendor- La Gelateria Hawaii!


1 You can eat ice cream every day and lose weight

Calcium is a key ingredient in ice cream and calcium-rich foods help keep your body strong and metabolism running well. A.K.A. eating ice cream = weight-loss diet. We would choose eating ice cream over running on the treadmill any day of the week!


2 Ice cream contains vitamins and minerals

ice cream

Eating ice cream is essentially putting milk and cream into your body; these ingredients are great sources of calcium, vitamins A and D, riboflavin, and phosphorus. Depending on the flavor of ice cream, you may be getting even more nutrients. Flavors like vanilla bean and dark chocolate are loaded with antioxidants. Just imagine how healthy a chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream is ?

3 It’s an excuse to eat apples (A.K.A. apple pie)

top of waikiki's signature apple pie

Now that you know ice cream can help you lose weight, it means you can feel less guilty when pairing it with your favorite desserts! Vanilla ice cream pairs perfectly with a warm apple pie, like our Top of Waikiki Signature Apple Pie! Apples are healthy too, right? Your diet is off to a great start.


4 Ice cream stimulates your brain


Do you feel tired first thing in the morning? Try waking up with a scoop of ice cream! No, we’re not joking. Ice cream can stimulate your brain and give you a boost in the morning thanks to its vitamins and minerals. It also tends to increase dopamine levels in the body, which makes you feel more awake and alert. Goodbye, coffee- hello, ice cream!


5 Ice cream boosts your immune system

Ice cream is a form of fermented dairy and fermented foods help protect your body from gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. You’ll see lactose (dairy) ingredients in a lot of probiotics that people take to help boost their immune systems because the stronger your gut and respiratory systems, the stronger your immune system will be. Let’s be real, eating a scoop of ice cream sounds much more exciting than taking a probiotic pill every day!


6 Ice cream makes you happier

dog eating ice cream

Although ice cream is considered a great comfort food, it can literally make you happier. It helps produce serotonin, the feel-good hormone in our bodies. So, if you’re feeling down or having a bad day, ice cream is a great way to pick yourself back up! Make sure you always have some stocked up in your freezer.


7 It’s an excuse to buy local

la gelateria
Instagram @lagelatariahawaii

Not only can eating ice cream be good for you but buying ice cream can also be good for you and local businesses, your local economy, and the farm-to-table movement! By purchasing local products, you’re also ensuring that what you’re getting is fresher and healthier than what you would find in a big-name grocery store. So, your healthy ice cream can be even healthier when buying local!


Our favorite local ice cream business here, on Oahu, is IL Gelato Hawaii! This is where we get all of our gelatos and sorbets for our Top of Waikiki dessert menu (and SKY Waikiki, too!); they offer excellent quality products that are all made using healthy, natural ingredients. Plus, their flavor range is amazing!



About La Gelateria Hawaii:

La Gelateria was created in 1981 by Maurice Grasso who came to America in 1956 as an electrical engineer. Maurice fell in love with the Hawaiian Islands on vacation and wanted to find a way to stay. He dearly missed Italian gelato, finding that there just wasn’t any good ice cream on the islands- inspiring him to start La Gelateria and blend Italian gelato with Hawaiian flavors. La Gelateria now has over 200 recipes including Hawaiian-influenced flavors like dragon fruit and guava, as well as classic Italian flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. Maurice understands that gelato should be fresh, natural, and inventive and believes that love and imagination should be the just as evident on the palate as the flavor.


The gelatos from La Gelateria are so delicious, we feature at least one flavor in almost all of our desserts:


house-made fudge brownie sundae


House-made Chewy Fudge Brownie Sundae $9

Fudge brownie, almond brittle, butterscotch sauce, vanilla gelato






molten chocolate butter cake


Molten Chocolate Butter Cake $11

Butter cake, chocolate ganache, salted butter sauce, served with Tahitian vanilla gelato





top of waikiki's signature apple pie


Top of Waikiki’s Signature Apple Pie $10

Warm apple pie, brown butter crumble, served with Tahitian vanilla gelato





Local Gelatos $7

Choose from vanilla, coconut, or macadamia nut


At Top of Waikiki, we are dedicated to serving delectable and high-quality cuisine that supports local farms and vendors whenever possible! You can find all dishes that include locally sourced ingredients by looking for the pineapple icon on our menu.