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7 Things You Can do With All the Money You’ll Save From Our Ribeye Special

make a change

make a change

Saving money is one of the best things ever. Why? Because that means you can spend it on something else! Whether you’re obsessed with building your savings account or can’t resist buying yourself a new shirt as a reward for saving a few bucks on something else, we can all admit that it feels good to save money. At Top of Waikiki, we want everyone to feel good when they dine with us. That’s why we’re running two specials during the month of October- Paniolo Ribeye and Lobster Tail deals for double the savings and double the “yum”! Saving money will definitely make you feel good, now you’ll just have to decide what you want to do with it. We’ve got you covered with some ideas- keep reading for 7 things you can do with all the money you’ll save from our ribeye (and lobster) special!


1. Supersize it!

starbucks supersize

We all know that feeling when you’re sipping your drink and, suddenly, that’s it! You’re swirling your cup trying to sip up that last drop of your Starbucks. The best way to counter this terrible feeling is to just get a bigger drink in the first place- make it a Trenta! Lucky for you, you saved all that money from the ribeye special so you don’t have to worry about spending a couple extra bucks to upgrade your drink size. Plus, you totally deserve it! Go get that Trenta!


2. Share the love

dog running

Pets truly are our best friends and you would want your best friend to experience everything with you- including the excitement of saving money! That’s why you can get your little friend a new toy so they can be excited with you! Don’t have a pet bestie yet? No worries, you’ve definitely saved enough to get yourself a goldfish. Congrats on the new addition to your family!


3. Wax on, wax off

wax on wax off

It’s been raining a lot, car washes are a little pricey, and it’s pointless if it’s just going to rain again the next day…so…you haven’t gotten your car washed in a while. We all do it, it’s fine! But are people starting to notice? Did someone write, “wash me” on your windshield? Yikes… Good thing you saved all that money from the ribeye and lobster specials, you can finally get that bad boy washed! Please, do it soon.


4. Drop it in the piggy

piggy bank

There’s something so satisfying about putting the money you’ve saved into a piggy bank or a mason jar and watching it fill up! You can even make a little sign if you’re saving up for something special! Nothing says motivation like seeing a sign that says, “NEW CAR FUNDS” every day. Start off your piggy bank’s savings with all that money you saved from our ribeye special! That new car is on its way to you soon.


5. Treat yo’ self

treat yourself burger

After a long work week, you deserve to treat yourself. Often times, people won’t treat themselves out to lunch because it’s more frugal to just bring a packed lunch from home. *Sigh* you’re getting ready to pack your fifth sandwich for the week and then you remember- you saved all that money from Top of Waikiki’s ribeye special! Put the turkey back in the fridge, you’re going out for lunch today!


6. “Cheers!” to pau hana

cheers pau hana

Your coworkers go out for drinks together every Friday but you’ve been turning down their invites to be frugal; we can respect that. But they have a great time and can bond together outside of work, which is so important! Now you can finally go with them for pau hana without feeling guilty because you’ve saved money from our specials! Now that’s something to cheers to!


7. Donate it!


Being able to give back is an indescribable feeling. At Top of Waikiki, we love giving back to the local community whenever we have the chance. Donating the money you saved from our specials is such a great thing to do! Apart from helping those in need and making you feel good, donating is a great way to use your saved money because there’s never a “bad” time to do it! Nonprofits and organizations accept donations all the time, so go ahead and donate to a cause you believe in and know that you’re helping some of the people who need it the most. Some of our local faves? Shout out to: Waikiki Community Center and Helping Hands Hawaii!


Now that you’ve got some ideas on what to do, make sure to reserve your table so you can save ASAP! Paniolo Ribeye for only $39 (regularly $47) and adding on a 4oz Lobster Tail to any steak for only $13 (regularly $15) will only be around throughout the month of October!