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A Corny Celebration of Twin Bridge Farms

corn husky

Are you in need of a pun-induced chuckle? Do not despairagus!


Thyme has come once again for us to highlight one of our partner farms: Twin Bridge Farms in Waialua. Twin Bridge Farms was founded in 1998 by Milton Agader and Al Medrano, after Waialua Sugar on Oahu shut down. Their claim to fame is their asparagus, which they’ve managed to learn how to grow year-round, making it a hit with chefs around Hawaii. Fresh asparagus year round? Yes please! We think it pairs perfectly with our Filet Mignon and works as the best side for our Over the Top for Two. When thinking of a way to celebrate Twin Farms delicious veggies, we almost didn’t know where to starch! Everyone knows the benefits of a good serving of greens, so lettuce explore the funnier side of vegetables. Read on for some of our favorite vegetable-stocked puns!


  1. What’s an ear of corn’s favorite dog? A HUSKY! corn husky
  2. I love you from my head TOMATOES from my head tomatoes
  3. Asparagus Tips asparagus tips
  4. A vegetable walks into a bowling alley and asks, “What is it called if I knock down half the pins on my first roll and the rest on my second roll?” The man behind the counter looks up and says, “A spare, I guess” bowling
  5. Turnip! (party turnip) party turnip
  6. Haters gonna hate, but we don’t carrot all carrot pun
  7. Let’s Avo-cuddle avocuddle
  8. Why did the tomato blush when it was put in the fridge? Because it saw the ranch dressing! blushing tomato



Thanks to Twin Bridge Farms, you can get asparagus as fresh as these puns year-round at Top of Waikiki! Here are our dishes that feature their veggies:


filet mignon with lobsterFilet Mignon

Beef tenderloin with veal jus, Twin Bridge Farms asparagus, bacon, mashed potatoes, and house-fried potato chips




over the top for twoOver the Top for Two

22oz bone-in prime Porterhouse steak accompanied by 2 merus-cut king crab legs and 2 whole cold-water Atlantic lobster tails, topped with our signature triple garlic butter, roasted baby carrots, Twin Bridge Waialua asparagus, and garlic parmesan-roasted potatoes


We’re dedicated to serving high-quality dishes that support local farms and provide you with the freshest ingredients as much as possible! You can find all dishes that include locally sourced ingredients by looking for the pineapple icon on our menu.