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Awkward Moments Day

Awkward Turtles, unite! Have you ever waved at someone you thought was waving at you, only to realize their friend is standing behind you? Or what about when someone goes in for a cheek kiss, but you go for a hug, and you end up in the worst awkward neck-kiss situation? Luckily for the awkward person in all of us, March 18th is #AwkwardMomentsDay – the day to celebrate all of the little embarrassing moments in your life.


What’s one occasion that awkward moments are all the more dreadful? First dates. Read on for some super common awkward things that can happen on a first date and remember, you’re definitely not alone. *shudders*


When you try to open the door for your date, and push a pull door, or vice versa


When you go in for a handshake and they go in for the hug.  


When your waiter asks, “So, how long have you two been together??” 


When the theater employee says, “Enjoy your movie,” and you say “Thanks, you too!” 


Getting home and realizing you had a piece of food stuck in your teeth 


Ordering pasta and having to… eat pasta in front of a stranger 


Saying goodbye only to realize they’re leaving the same way as you are 


Instagram stalking them before the date and accidentally liking a photo of theirs from two years ago 


Taking them to a restaurant you love, only to find out they don’t like anything on the menu. 


Every first date is going to have a few awkward moments. But, if you head to Top of Waikiki for a special, romantic dinner you can rest assured that our wonderful wait staff and delicious food will make it a great night. Plus, you can fill up those awkward silences by taking in the breathtaking view, rather than dealing with this: