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Choose an Adorable Puppy and We’ll Tell You Which Top of Waikiki Dessert You Should Eat

cute puppy dessert quiz

cute puppy dessert quiz

Today we’re talking about the sweetest things in life: chocolate, cake, ice cream…and puppies! Animal lovers all know what pups all have their own personalities and tastes, and puppy’s style says a lot about their human! Pick your favorite pup from below and we will tell you what Top of Waikiki dessert is the best for you. Bon(e) Appetit! 


Choose an Adorable Puppy and We’ll Tell You Which Top of Waikiki Dessert You Should Eat
House-Made Chewy Fudge Brownie Sundae

house-made fudge brownie sundae

Look at those crossed paws! So posh. If you chose this classy pup, our House-Made Chewy Fudge Brownie Sundae is perfect for you! A fudge brownie, almond brittle, butterscotch sauce, and vanilla gelato make for the perfect classic dessert with a pretty fancy twist.
Top of Waikiki’s Signature Apple Pie

top of waikiki's signature apple pie

You picked an all-American pup! Is there anything more patriotic than a retriever wearing a bowtie? If this is your puppy of choice, it should be no surprise that all-American classics and favorites like baseball, dogs, and apple pie suit your taste. That’s why Top of Waikiki’s Signature Apple Pie is perfect for you! Warm apple pie, brown butter crumble served with Tahitian vanilla gelato… our tails are wagging already!
Molten Chocolate Butter Cake

molten chocolate butter cake

Did this chocolate lab & its golden lab buddy catch your eye? Our Molten Chocolate Butter Cake is the perfect dessert for you! It’s yellow butter cake, chocolate ganache, and salted butter sauce served with Tahitian vanilla gelato. All that chocolate and vanilla goodness gives you the best of both worlds, just like these doggies!
Baked Alaska

baked alaska dessert top of waikiki

If you chose this pup, you love adventure! Hikes, surfing, and camping are all up your alley. What dessert matches an adventure lover? Baked Alaska, of course! Delectable layers of cake, ice cream, and sorbet, engulfed in torched meringue. That’s right this puppy (the dessert, not that puppy) gets set on fire before it’s served to you. Perfect and refreshing after a day of adventuring!
Mango Crème Brûlée

mango creme brulee

If you chose this dressed-up doggy, the Mango Crème Brûlée is your perfect dessert. You love making an occasion out of everything and getting dressed up to appreciate the finer, more decadent foods the world has to offer! Order this and enjoy the mango custard, caramelized vanilla bean sugar, and mango-lime compote.
Local Sorbets and Gelatos

If you love the beach and sun as much as this puppy, then our assortment of local sorbets and gelatos is the right choice for you! You’re zipping from beach to beach, flaunting your new suit, and putting your surf skills to the test every day! You forego hot and heavy desserts in favor of fresh, light, and cool scoops of gelato or sorbet to match your fun and fruity mood. Perfect for a summer day or night!

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