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Choose Your Favorite School Supply and We’ll Tell You What to Try at Top of Waikiki


Summer is coming to an end and school is starting back up for many of us or our families. What’s the best thing leading up to that first day? School supply shopping! The idea of new backpacks, pencils, and notebooks always excites students. What’s your favorite school supply? Pick below and we’ll tell you which Top of Waikiki menu item is the best for you!


We want to make sure all of Hawaii’s keiki have enough school supplies this year by partnering with Helping Hands Hawaii! If you would like to help, stop by Top of Waikiki or SKY Waikiki from September 3-29th and donate school supplies to go to under-privileged students. With your donation you will get a free appetizer with purchase of any entree!


What's your favorite school supply?

Art Supplies
pencil case

Choose Your Favorite School Supply and We’ll Tell You What to Try at Top of Waikiki
House-Made Chewy Fudge Brownie Sundae

house-made fudge brownie sundae

If you chose the hi-lighter, you’re the House-Made Chewy Fudge Brownie Sundae! You always see the bright side of things and know how to liven up any situation. You’re super sweet and bright, just like this fudge brownie, almond brittle, butterscotch sauce, and vanilla gelato!
I Like Pina Coladas

I Like Pina Coladas with diamond head and waikiki view

If a binder was your go-to in school, then your perfect Top of Waikiki item is I Like Pina Coladas! Binders are naturals at holding everything together, and you do the same! You’re always there with your friends and others when they need you. What better way to do that than with a round of delicious, beautiful cocktails? Plus, who *doesn’t* like pina coladas!
Duck Pizza

asian fusion style duck pizza

You should try the Duck Pizza! You chose art supplies because you miss the days when school was all coloring and nap time (don’t we all?). Your favorite things in life are those that remind you of your childhood. Remember pizza days in the cafeteria? Our Duck Pizza takes those and kicks them up a notch, in a very ~artistic~ way with Chinese roasted duck, hoisin, Sriracha, green onions, and cilantro on a crispy scallion pancake crust.
Filet Mignon

filet mignon at top of waikiki

You picked the ruler! You’re analytical, practical, and you’re always trying to see how others measure up. For a person who likes to know exactly what they’re gonna get, the Filet Mignon is for you! This beef tenderloin with veal jus, asparagus, bacon, mashed potatoes, and house-fried potato chips are sure to be delicious every time you order!
Top of Waikiki’s Famous Gummy Bear Martini

Top of Waikiki's Famous Gummy Bear Martini with diamond head views

If you chose a laptop as your school supply of choice, you can probably relate to being in college. You’re sophisticated and skillful, and you do a lot of work! You deserve a break from that work every once in a while, and that’s why our Gummy Bear Martini is perfect for you. It’s sophisticated yet fun, made with vodka, Giffard’s lychee & peach liqueurs, and lemon juice. Just what you need!
Kona Longboard


The stapler is a classic, oh-so helpful school supply. It’s sturdy, strong, and is great at keeping things together, just like you! If this describes you, then a Kona Longboard beer is perfect for you. You always gather your friends around a pint of ice-cold beer, and they appreciate you for that! And just like any good beer, you’re always there for people without coming on too strong. (photo: @konabrewingco)


If you picked the pencil bag, you know that they’re perfect for holding anything and everything you could need in class and don’t make you choose between pens or pencils - you can have it all! This is why you should try our Cioppino! This dish is packed FULL of pretty much any seafood you could want - Manila clams, diver scallops, whole Kauai shrimp, calamari, mussels, and fresh island fish served in a tomato and garlic broth with toasted garlic crostini.
Goat Cheese Rangoons

table set with locally sourced goat cheese Rangoons

If you chose the backpack, perhaps the most practical school supply, then the Goat Cheese Rangoons are perfect for you! Just like a backpack, these little guys are plain on the outside but hold all of the important essentials on the inside (like cheese)! They’re made with deep-fried Hawaii Island Dairy goat cheese and filled with bacon and chives and served with five-spice dipping sauce. These practical starters are perfect to share!
House Salad

house salad made with locally sourced ingredients

If you chose the lunchbox as your favorite supply, our House Salad is your match! You probably packed your lunch because it was healthier than caf lunches and you could have whatever you wanted in them! Our House Salad is made with MA’O Farms sassy mix, Ho Farms tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers with pomegranate vinaigrette and sliced almonds. Lucky for you, this healthy starter leaves you with plenty of room for whatever else you want on the menu!

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