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Choose Your Favorite Vintage Hawaii Picture And We’ll Tell You What To Try At Happy Hour

vintage top of waikiki

vintage top of waikikiWho doesn’t love a good #throwback? At Top of Waikiki, we love throwback photos because they’re a nostalgic look into Oahu’s beautiful past, and we love seeing all of Hawaii’s changes before we first opened in 1965 and beyond. But it’s a new dawn, and a new day, and we’ve got a whole menu of delicious takes on classic appetizers and cocktails (some of which are even inspired by vintage Hawaii!). Choose your favorite vintage Hawaii photo below and we’ll tell you what happy hour item you should try next!


Which vintage Hawaii photo is your favorite?

vintage royal hawaiian hotel
vintage hawaii beach
vintage waikiki theatre
old international marketplace
vintage duke kahanamoku
vintage hawaii surfing
diamond head throwback
vintage hawaiian hula
old school hawaii fishing
vintage hawaiian hula dancers
vintage diamond head
vintage hawaiian royalty
vintage uss lurline

Choose Your Favorite Vintage Hawaii Picture And We’ll Tell You What To Try At Happy Hour
Fried Calamari

fried calamari for waikiki's best happy hour

If this super old-school pic of Waikiki in the 1930s is your fave, then you should try the calamari! You love pictures and stories of Oahu before it was built up, and you can probably even name the hotel shown here! (Hint: it’s easier to spot in color!). Calamari is one of the most classic appetizers for seafood lovers, and ours is lightly dredged and served with house-made chili aioli. They’re perfect and simple, just like Waikiki in this photo.
Roasted Brussels Sprouts

asian fusion style Roasted Brussels Sprouts

You might not know it from looking at the top picture, but that’s the rock at Waimea Bay! Who back then could have guessed the adventures that locals and tourists would have by jumping off the rock into the bay? If you like this photo, you need to try our Roasted Brussels Sprouts! They look unassuming, but the spicy soy sauce they’re served with gives them an unexpected flare, just like this before/after shot!
Duck Pizza

asian fusion style duck pizza

Your perfect happy hour dish is the Duck Pizza! You love watching movies to be transported to wonderful worlds while staying in your comfort zone! A delicious, Asian twist on a classic (pizza!) is the perfect gateway dish for you into a world of adventurous dishes and flavors. Plus, pizza is great for sharing! Just like a movie.
Baked Potato Tots

waikikis best happy hour top of waikiki

If you picked this photo of the International Marketplace in the 1960s, our Baked Potato Tots are perfect for you - for a few reasons! First, The IMP was a social hub in the 1960s, and everyone loved it! If you’re drawn to this wildly popular destination, it just makes sense that you’d love a classic dish like tots. Second, you embrace change, much like the changes the International Marketplace has undergone. Tots can have any number of toppings on them! Ours happen to have sour cream sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, chives, and bacon bits. Are you drooling yet?!
California Hand Roll
If you chose this picture of Duke Kahanamoku, then our California Hand Roll is perfect for you to try at your next happy hour. The hand roll is a more adventurous take on a classic dish, perfect for those who like to surf! Made with imitation crab, cucumber, avocado, and tobiko mayonnaise, it’s just enough to fuel you up – without filling you up – so you can get back to your board and out on the water.
Top of Waikiki Poke

top of waikiki ahi poke farm to table

Have you tried one of Hawaii’s quintessential dishes, poke? Well, since you chose this photo, you should! You love enjoying days in the sun, sand, and water, and want food as versatile as your adventures. Top of Waikiki poke is made with fresh ahi, jalapenos, Korean-Style Ko Chu Jang sauce, and Kula baby romaine lettuce. Bonus: Poke is perfect to share with the family! In fact, there’s pretty much poke for any one and any time on Oahu.
Pork Belly Tostada

Pork Belly Tostadas at Happy Hour with sunset dinner views

If you relate to this group of friends hanging out in the ‘50s, you should try our Pork Belly Tostadas! You’re fun, easygoing, and love spending time being social. These tostadas are small tortillas topped with pastelle pork belly, rocoto crema, tomato relish, and cilantro. They’re delicious appetizers that are perfect for sharing and remind us of Taco Tuesdays with friends!
Spicy Ahi Handroll
These ladies dancing the hula might look sweet, but if this is your favorite Hawaii #throwback, then we’ve got something spicy in store for you- a Spicy Ahi Handroll! You love tradition and simplicity. The hula is a cornerstone of Hawaii’s culture, and while it may look simple or fun, the storytelling aspect of it gives and unexpected intensity. This handroll is made with spicy ahi, cucumber, and kaiware and gives you the perfect updated take on a classic appetizer with a kick!
Diver Scallops

scallops top of waikiki appetizers farm to table

If these people pulling in a fishnet in 1930 caught your eye, you should try the Diver Scallops! At Top of Waikiki, serving delicious local ingredients whenever possible is very important. Our Diver Scallops are served with local corn and Applewood smoked bacon in a curry oil and balsamic reduction. They’re fresh, delicious, and support local farmers!
Meatball Banh Mi

meatball banh mi happy hour top of waikiki

If this is your throwback pick, then the perfect happy hour appetizer for you is the Meatball Banh Mi! You love learning about and being entertained by colorful displays of culture. Your food should do the same! These are Vietnamese-inspired sandwiches with Vietnamese meatball, tomato sauce, and a rainbow of pickled veggies and herbs. Beautiful and delicious!
Waikiki Daiquiri
You picked a photo of the most iconic view in Waikiki in the 1950s. You love everything classic, so our Waikiki Daquiri is perfect for you! This is a modern twist on a classic daquiri, meaning it’s served over ice (not blended) and has the refreshing taste of pineapple. Perfect for lounging in front of Diamond Head!
Blue Hawaii

blue hawaii cocktail diamond head

The perfect happy hour cocktail for you is our Blue Hawaii because you picked a photo of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Pupu Bar around 1956. What’s amazing about this? It’s in the very hotel that Harry Yee created the original Blue Hawaii cocktail! While the Hawaiian Village has changed immensely over the years, we made sure to keep our Blue Hawaii pretty close to the original. We can just imagine sipping this classic tiki drink at this bar by the beach in the 1950s! Bonus: did you know these 5 facts about the Blue Hawaii?
Western Whiskey Sour
If you picked this vintage photo of vacationers, the Western Whiskey Sour is the perfect happy hour drink for you! The 1950s and ’60s were they heyday of tourism to Oahu, and the SS Lurline was a cruise ship that took adventurers from California to Honolulu. Much like people visiting the islands, you’re adventurous, not afraid to try new things or go new places, and love to taste new flavors. You’re going to love the unexpected combination of whiskey, tequila, and jalapeño that this cocktail delivers!

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