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Throw Back These Cocktails

Raise a glass to the past at Top of Waikiki, with a cocktail lineup celebrating modern mixes of retro favorites. Director of Mixology Jen Ackrill adds her innovative twist on vintage drink recipes with a throwback-themed cocktail menu, featuring eight signature cocktails and two non-alcoholic drinks. 

cocktails in waikiki
Jen Ackrill, Director of Mixology

With a career in mixology spanning more than 17 years, Jen Ackrill honed her craft with tenures at the helm of some of San Francisco’s premier watering holes, including Blowfish Sushi, Fuse, and Rye—one of San Francisco’s original craft cocktail bars. Fervent about her art, she traveled extensively throughout Europe to further expand her knowledge and skill set, finally relocating to Honolulu in August, 2014 to create the beverage program for Top of Waikiki and SKY Waikiki.

During a time when the popularity of cocktail culture is growing in Honolulu, Jen has the ingredients—education, expertise, and enthusiasm—to create a signature cocktail menu for Hawaii’s only revolving restaurant, while incorporating the elements that both travelers and locals love about Waikiki.

jen ackrill top of waikiki