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Do You Know Your Lettuce?



It’s summer! At Top of Waikiki, we’re are getting back into gear with our #summerbodygoals, which means that we’ve been eating A LOT more of our healthy greens than usual thanks to our friends at MA’O Farms. It helps that we make a goooooood salad too 😉 


Speaking of salad, did you know there’s a bunch of different types of lettuce? Test your smarts and see if you can correctly match each lettuce type to its picture and description. Will you be the next salad expert? 


Adds a great crunch to any meal. Used mainly for salads and sandwiches. Very popular in Caesar Salad.

romaine lettuce
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A common main ingredient in soups, being an alternative to shredded cabbage. Low in flavor and nutrition. Infamous for being one of the most “useless” vegetables in the world.

iceberg lettuce
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Very high in fiber. The perfect green to throw into soups. Known for being baked into chips.

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Popeye ate this A LOT. Commonly used in salads and stir-fries. Helps to improve eyesight.

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The leafy green known for not being green. Has a big resemblance to cabbage. Used a lot in coleslaws.

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The little cousin to radicchio. Known for their spoon-shaped leaves and is used as a wrapping for meat or fish.

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Medium to large in size and rounded in shape with loose, wavy, cupped leaves. Expensive — at least twice the price of iceberg lettuce. Has a sweet flavor.

Bibb Lettuce
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Variation of an endive. Perfect for tossing in a fresh vinaigrette. Has a strong bitterness.

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Do You Know Your Lettuce?
Not a vegetable person

disappointed girl with lettuce

We’re guessing you’re not a vegetable person. We suggest trying our House Salad to up your #saladgame –– a great tasty place to start!
You're okay

man in glasses eating lettuce

Sooo you’re not a lettuce connoisseur, but you’re definitely not the worst. You’re okay in our book *sips tea inhales lettuce*

boy excited about eating his bowl of fruits and locally sourced lettuce

You’re the lettuce expert! We’re guessing you love your greens. If so, take a bite into our refreshing Pear Salad!


The more you know about lettuce! Who knew there were so many?! 


We’re proud to partner and source our leafy greens with MA’O Farms: a local organic farm on the west side of the island that serves Hawaii’s underprivileged youth, sustainable economic development, organic agriculture, health & well-being, and Hawaiian culture. 


Show your support by tasting our two salads in collaboration with MA’O Farms: 


house salad

House Salad: MA’O Farms sassy mix, radishes, Ho Farms tomatoes, and cucumbers with a pomegranate vinaigrette and sliced almonds. 










pear saladPear Salad: Port-poached and Asian pears, MA’O Farms organic sassy mix, candied walnuts, and port raspberry balsamic vinaigrette with a fried cambozola lumpia. 

















Book your table and give either a try!