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Farm Feature: ‘Nalo Farms

nalo farms

At Top of Waikiki, we love sourcing fresh ingredients locally grown and made in Hawaii when possible, for several reasons: 

1. Locally sourced ingredients help us achieve a fresh, high-quality product; 

2. We enjoy our partnerships with local farmers and vendors; and 

3. It puts the “Hawaii” into “Hawaii Regional Steak & Seafood.” 


Bonus: fresh, local ingredients are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

nalo farms











We’d like to share with you one of our favorite neighbors, Nalo Farms. Have you heard of them? 


Nalo Farms is located in Waimanalo, Hawaii, just 30 minutes outside of Waikiki. They are a small local business founded by Charles J.  Okimoto, 100th infantry battalion veteran, and revamped in the early 1980’s by his son, Dean J. Okimoto, who now runs the company. Today, you can visit Nalo Farms and take an agricultural tour of the grounds. Don’t forget to try their farm-fresh, harvested honey! 


From their farm to your tableNalo Farms takes great pride in its signature greensincluding fresh culinary herbs, unique micro greens, and specialty items. We especially love their micro shiso, greens, and mint! 


You can guarantee that we at Top of Waikiki take great pride in showcasing dishes with quality products like those from Nalo Farms. To identify which of our dishes feature local ingredients, just look for the pineapple icon on our menu in the restaurant. 

Specifically, our dishes that feature fresh and delicious Nalo Farms ingredients include:  


Ginger Pesto-Crusted Monchong  monchong top of waikiki

6oz. black sickle pomfret over stir-fried vegetables with a soy mustard sauce 






Molten Chocolate Butter Cake 

Butter cake, chocolate ganache, and salted butter sauce served with Tahitian vanilla gelato  molten chocolate butter cake