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Fun Facts About Fungi

brown mushrooms

At first glance, mushrooms may not seem too impressive. To some they’re even downright gross (we politely disagree). In reality, mushrooms are actually delicious, nutritious powerhouses! With a high vitamin content, tons of fiber, and even the ability to be a meat substitute in most dishes, these little guys don’t leave mush-room for improvement!  


Are you team mushroom? Click through our fun facts about mushrooms below to learn more about them and keep on reading to learn about our #1 mushroom partner, Hamakua Mushrooms 


mushrooms are fungi

1. Mushrooms aren’t a fruit, vegetable, or even plant. They’re fungi!


 Mushrooms are grown with spores

2. Mushrooms are grown with spores, not seeds. One adult mushroom can release up to 16 billion spores! That’s a lot of mushroom.  


mushrooms in a veggie bowl

3. Mushrooms are high in fiber, vitamin B, and potassium, and are very low in carbs and fats. How’s that for a healthy option? 



4. Mushrooms are hearty, but they’re made of about 90% water.


mushrooms on a counter

5. This is bananas: One portobello or oyster mushroom has more potassium than one banana! 


different types of mushroom

6. There are over 14,000 identified mushroom species, and about 3,000 of them are edible.


white mushrooms

7. The mushrooms consumed most in the US are white button, cremini, and portobello, which are all different versions of the same mushroom! 


exotic mushrooms

8. Every other mushroom besides those top 3 are called Exotic mushrooms, and include shiitake, maitake, and oyster mushrooms, like the ones grown at Hamakua Mushrooms! 


alii mushroom

9. Hamakua Farms’ special Alii mushroom has high antioxidant content which is beneficial to the kidney, liver, and eyes!  


About Hamakua Heritage Farms: 

mushroom field

For over a decade, Hamakua Heritage Farms has been growing mushrooms on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hamakua Mushrooms are specialty and exotic mushrooms. They are grown in a controlled facility and Hamakua Heritage Farms even has their own lab that allows them to carefully control the quality of each mushroom variety they grow! Their special growing methods have even allowed them to develop their popular Alii, or King Oyster, mushroom. They are also dedicated to sustainable farming and recycle their substrate (the material that mushrooms grow in) to farmers around the island to help fertilize their crops.  


You can make a reservation today and enjoy Hamakua Mushrooms in these dishes at Top of Waikiki: 


Sizzling Steak On A Rock and French Onion Soup

Sizzling Steak on a Rock 

4oz. seared boneless short rib, Hamakua eryngi mushroom, and ginger relish served on a hot rock 


filet mignon at top of waikiki

Filet Mignon 

6oz. Beef tenderloin with veal jus, asparagus, bacon, mashed potatoes, and house-fried potato chips 



Pan-Roasted Maitake Mushrooms with Truffled “Farrotto 

Finished in brown butter sauce and served with crispy kale chips