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Help Us Choose Our Next Revolving Special

hawaiian cuisine inspired revolving special top of waikiki

How much do you know about our Revolving Special?  

If you’ve seen any posts about our Revolving Special, you may have gathered that each has a culinary theme, sticks around for two months, then switches out to something new. Our culinary team always wants to know what guests (you!) are craving, so we’re asking…what should our next Revolving Special be? First, we want to share a little history behind this fun prix fixe menu and what it’s all about. 

japanese revolving special top of waikiki

Japanese Cuisine-Inspired Revolving Special, August & September 2018


Who thought of this idea? 

Have you met our Executive Chef, Lance Kosaka 

chef lance kosaka top of waikiki sky waikiki

He’s our favorite. Especially when it comes to the kitchen.  


Chef Lance fell in love with food, well before he pursued it as a profession, and worked for 17 years in one of the most recognizable culinary names in Hawaii – Alan Wong’s Restaurants. He is now the genius behind menus at Top of Waikiki and SKY Waikiki with a commitment to working with local farmers and giving guests a truly unique dining experience in Waikiki.  


Do you know what else Chef Lance is dedicated to? His team! That’s why he created the Revolving Special – to give each and every one of his team members a chance to contribute, meaningfully, to the menu at Top of Waikiki, as well as create educational opportunities for them to create new dishes with new styles of cuisine.  


How does it work? 

Every other month, our team chooses a culinary theme and works to put their take on classic dishes. As Top of Waikiki serves Hawaii Regional Steak and Seafood, Hawaii Regional Cuisine (HRC) is the umbrella under which our dishes ultimately fall; HRC draws inspiration from local ingredients and dishes, representing a fusion of many ethnic culinary influences.  

heart healthy menu top of waikiki

Heart Healthy Revolving Special, February & March 2018

Once a theme is chosen, the kitchen team gets to work creatively experimenting with flavors, working alone or together, to create the perfect appetizer, entrée, and dessert prix fixe under Chef Lance’s guidance. It’s truly a team effort culminating in a delicious three-course meal for just $55!  


Neat! How do I participate!  

We’ve created Revolving Specials with a variety of themes, including Hawaiian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Local Island Faves, All American BBQ, and Heart Healthy (yum!). But…we want to know what you’re craving!  


Are you a fan of Indian food? Got a hankering for Southern-style cuisine? Shoot us an email at, a message on Facebook, or DM on Instagram with any ideas or suggestions that you have! Who knows…maybe your favorite food will be the inspiration for our next Revolving Special! 

hawaiian cuisine inspired revolving special top of waikiki

Hawaiian Cuisine-Inspired Revolving Special, April & May 2017