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Here are the 5 types of siblings (and what to do with them at Top of Waikiki!)

national siblings day

national siblings day

Growing up with siblings can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have a built-in friend for your whole life; but on the other, you have to deal with them… for your whole life. Today is National Siblings Day, the day to celebrate everything you love (and hate) about your siblings. Can you relate to any of the sibling types below? Read about each type and get an idea of how to show them you love them on #NationalSiblingsDay.


The Baby

the baby

The Baby is the youngest child, the one who never has to know the wrath of curfews or trial-and-error of parents grounding their kids for the first time. The Baby can get pretty much anything they want, when they want, and they’ve known it since they were little. You can be jealous of them at times, but know they look up to you (or will eventually, right?).


Enjoy Top of Waikiki with the Baby by: Getting them their favorite dessert! Because giving them what they want is the best way to bond.


The Good Example

good example


The Good Example is the prodigal child of the family. Usually the oldest, they’re good at some ecombination of sports, school, and music. They’re never the ones to get in trouble and honestly, it sometimes gets on your nerves. It may be hard for you to shine when their spotlight is so bright, but they always give the best advice, and are great role models to look up to.


Enjoy Top of Waikiki with this sibling by: Treating them to our Revolving Special. They’ll love the food and are likely to have a wealth of knowledge to share about the special type of cuisine you’re served!



The Sidekick



Is your sibling totally your partner-in-crime? Sidekick siblings are there to prank parents, wreak havoc on the house, and have an all-around great time with you by their side. On top of that, they’re always there to split (or take) the blame whenever you both get in trouble for your shenanigans. They make growing up with siblings FUN.


Enjoy Top of Waikiki with the Sidekick sibling by: Splitting an Over the Top for Two and turning it into an eating contest!



The Bestie



Life can be wonderful when your sibling is also your best friend. After all, is there a better person to vent to about growing up? They’re always there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, or just want to have a fun time. Where would we be without this sibling?


Enjoy Top of Waikiki with The Bestie by: Taking advantage of our Kamaaina Rewards Program! Eat at Top of Waikiki, then plan another sibling outing at SKY Waikiki using the Kamaaina discount coupon you receive. It’s the best way to get in that quality time.


The Instigator


Hardly actually harmful, the Instigator is the sibling who always likes to stir the pot. Maybe they’re the older brother who likes to rough house, or the younger sibling that likes to get their elders in trouble. These siblings may be a little annoying, but they teach you some valuable survival skills.


Enjoy Top of Waikiki with this sibling by: Enjoying the views. Grab a seat in our revolving restaurant and calm down their fiery personality by distracting them with beautiful, panoramic views of Waikiki (Finally, some peace and quiet)!



Grab your brother or sister and make a reservation at Top of Waikiki to celebrate your special bond!