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National Cocktail Day

tbt themed cocktails for the best happy hour in waikiki

national cocktail day

Unless you literally never leave your house or look outside (no shame in being a hermit!), you’ve probably realized that the weather has been changing. That’s because the first day of spring was just four days ago! Although the coming of spring is a well-known day, you may not know that today is National Cocktail Day! We can hardly contain our excitement because, well, we love cocktails and any excuse to drink one (or more!). In celebration of the changing seasons and this marvelous day of cocktails, tell us what your favorite part of the spring season is and we’ll tell you which cocktail* from our TBT Cocktail Menu you should have for National Cocktail Day!


*Don’t worry, there are no wrong choices. All of the cocktails are good.


What's your favorite part about spring?

diamond head view from waikiki beach
palm trees in waikiki
closer to summer
hibiscus flower in hawaii
spring showers
spring cleaning
new beginnings

National Cocktail Day
Hawaiian Hurricane

Hawaiian Hurricane

Spring is finally here, bringing us longer days and shorter nights! Who wouldn’t be excited about longer days? This means more time for outdoor activities and you can stay at the beach longer! If this is your favorite part about spring, then you’ll absolutely love our Hawaiian Hurricane. The perfect cocktail to enjoy after a *longer* day at the beach and will leave you excited for even more beach the next day.

Hawaiian Hurricane - KoHana Kea Hawaiian Agricole rum, Plantation 3 Stars rum, strawberry, lilikoi, mango, pineapple, lime
Murphy's Mule

Murphy’s Mule

Goodbye winter, hello spring! The air is finally getting warmer now that spring has arrived and we’re probably just as excited as you are. If this is your favorite part about spring, you have to try our Murphy’s Mule! This cocktail is nice and refreshing, perfect for a hot spring day!

Murphy’s Mule - Jameson Irish whiskey, Jagermeister, lime, ginger beer, Hellfire bitters
Working on my Tan

Working on My Tan

Okay, you like spring for a different reason: it means you’re that much closer to summer! There’s no shame in only liking spring because it’s actually pre-summer but, if that’s the case, you’ve got to try Working On My Tan! This cocktail will totally have you daydreaming of summertime… Don’t worry, we’re almost there!

Working On My Tan - Ketel One vodka, pineapple, lime, quinquina, bitters
Kona Winds Cocktail

Kona Winds Cocktail

You love spring because all the flowers are blooming again! Talk about true, natural beauty! Since this is your favorite part of spring, you’ve got to try our Kona Winds Cocktail. Not only is the color very reminiscent of pink flowers, it also has hibiscus which gives it beautiful floral notes as you drink it. So, now you can have your flowers and drink them, too!

Kona Winds Cocktail - Tromba Reposado tequila, Xicaru Reposado mezcal, hibiscus, mole bitters
I Like Pina Coladas

I Like Pina Coladas

If rain showers are your favorite part about spring, you have to try I Like Pina Coladas! Why? Because you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, duh

I Like Pina Coladas - Appleton Reserve Jamaican rum, lime, pineapple, Coco Lopez
Fitzgerald in the Lineup

Fitzgerald in the Lineup

Spring is here and that means spring cleaning, finally! If you love the feeling of cleaning everything out and getting back to the simpler times of no clutter, then you should try Fitzgerald In The Lineup! This simple cocktail is made with only three ingredients but is still packed full of flavor. Trust us, it will spark joy.

Fitzgerald In The Lineup - Uncle Val’s Botanical gin, lemon juice, bitters
The King Tide

The King Tide

Ah, spring...bringing us new beginnings! You love spring because it washes away everything from the previous seasons and gives us a fresh start. This means you should try The King Tide! This drink will seriously make you feel like a whole new person, ready to take on whatever awaits you this spring!

The King Tide - Real Mc Coy 5yr rum, Old Forester bourbon, Punt e Mes, maraschino liqueur, Bitter Truth orange bitters
Top of Waikiki's Famous Gummy Bear Martini

Top of Waikiki’s Famous Gummy Bear Martini

If you get excited watching channels like the Animal Planet and seeing all the hibernating bears waking up from their extended naps for spring, then you have to try Top of Waikiki’s Famous Gummy Bear Martini! This twist on a classic martini will totally set the mood for spring with its sweet, fruity flavors. Plus, you’ll obsess over the gummy bear garnish!

Top of Waikiki’s Famous Gummy Bear Martini - Vodka, Giffard’s lychee and peach liqueurs, lemon juice

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Now that you know which cocktail you should try in honor of National Cocktail Day, let the celebration begin! Reserve your table now or join us for happy hour at the bar from 5-9:30pm where all of our delicious TBT cocktails are available for a discounted price!