New Year, New You

2019 resolutions

It’s that time of the year again- time to set your New Year’s resolution! For most of us, December 31st is a day of celebration, filled with delicious food and lots of bubbly (A.K.A. champagne)! On the other hand, January 1st is a fresh start, a new beginning- complete with resolutions and goals for the year to come. If you’re as indecisive as we are, picking a New Year’s resolution is a total nightmare! They all sound great in theory but committing for a whole year? Scary!

Thankfully we have no problem committing to one of our new TBT cocktails (they’re debuting on January 7!) and you shouldn’t either! So, pick which cocktail you would want to try first from our upcoming TBT-themed cocktail menu and we’ll tell you what your new year’s resolution should be! Don’t worry, they’re all good (the cocktails, at least…)!

Which TBT Cocktail do you want to try first?

How long will you stay committed to your new year’s resolution? More importantly, when will you be coming in to try that TBT cocktail?! Reserve your table for their premiere on January 7, or join us for happy hour every day from 5-9:30pm at the bar!