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Pick a TBT Cocktail and We’ll Tell You What Year You Should Have Visited Hawaii

tbt hawaii elvis presley

tbt hawaii elvis presleyYour cocktail of choice says a lot about you, especially your choice from our TBT Cocktail menu! What makes this cocktail menu so special? We’re glad you asked! The drinks on this menu are actually a reprise of Top of Waikiki’s original cocktail menu from the grande opening in 1965! So, what can these cocktails tell you that others can’t? Pick your favorite TBT cocktail and we’ll tell you what year you should have visited Hawaii! We know picking just one favorite is hard (they’re all so good!), but just try your best. We believe in you.


Pick a TBT cocktail...

Pick a TBT Cocktail and we’ll tell you what year you should have visited Hawaii
You picked our Waikiki Daiquiri because you love things that are iconic and believe in choosing your own path in life. That’s why you should have visited Hawaii in 1961! This is the year that Elvis Presley’s iconic movie Blue Hawaii premiered. The movie follows Elvis’s character, Chad Gates, as he arrives back home in Hawaii from his deployment. His parents pressure him to work at the family pineapple business, but he has other things in mind. You would have loved being at the premiere of this iconic movie!

Waikiki Daiquiri: Don Q Rum, pineapple, lime, over cubed ice
You picked our Western Whiskey Sour because you’re an explorer who loves travelling and trying new things. That’s why you should have visited Hawaii in 1959! This was the year the first jet airliners brought over 250,000 tourists to Hawaii. Since you’re so adventurous and love being the first to try new things, you would have loved being one of the first people to visit Hawaii as a travel destination!

Western Whiskey Sour: Jim Beam bourbon, Olmeca Altos Reposado tequila, lemon, egg whites, jalapeno tincture, cinnamon, up
You picked our Guava Gimlet because you love things with tropical vibes and a sweet twist. This is why you should have visited Hawaii in 1951! This was the year that Matsumoto’s Shave Ice opened. Shave ice is a must-have item when visiting Hawaii and is packed with sweet, tropical fruit flavors like (you guessed it) guava! Located in the small historic town of Haleiwa, Matsumoto’s should be on the top of everyone’s travel itinerary.

Guava Gimlet: Kikori Japanese rice whiskey, Avua cachaça, guava, lime, coriander syrup, over cubed ice
You picked our Toki Highball because you love the fusion of cultures and putting a twist on things to make them different. This is why you should have visited Hawaii in 1976! This is the year the Japanese-America Society of Hawaii was founded, which promotes understanding and friendship between the people of Japan and the United States through the unique perspective of Hawaii. You celebrate what makes cultures different and would have flourished during a year where coming together was important.

Toki Highball: Toki Japanese whisky, green tea, lime, soda, shiso, tall
You picked our Singapore Sling because you love to revamp classical things with a modern take. This is why you should have visited Hawaii in 2016! This is the year that the brand-new International Market Place opened! The International Market Place first opened in 1956 and became well known as a commercial retail and entertainment center. The newly renovated center kept all the classical elements and objectives as the original, just with a modern take! You would have loved to be one of the first people to step into the revitalized International Market Place!

Singapore Sling: Broker’s London dry gin, Cherry Heering, Benedectine, lime, pineapple, Angostura bitters, soda, tall
You picked our Planter’s Punch because you love how some things can start off so small and evolve into something incredible! That’s why you should have visited Hawaii in 1989. This is the year that Dole Plantation opened to the public as Hawaii’s Pineapple Experience! Originally starting as a fruit stand in 1950, the Dole Plantation evolved into a considerable plot of land and is still a popular tourist attraction today! You would have loved to see how Dole Plantation expanded and being there the first year they opened as the Pineapple Experience would have been unforgettable!

Planter’s Punch: Appletone Reserve Jamaican rum, Plantation 3 Star rum, lemon, lime, hibiscus, tiki bitters, tall
You picked our Blue Hawaii for a great reason, you love to revisit classics that stand the test of time. This is why you should have visited Hawaii in 1955, the year the Hilton Hawaiian Village opened! It’s one of the best-known resorts in Waikiki, the largest hotel in the Hilton chain, and the largest hotel in the United States outside of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. This is also the resort where Harry Yee will create the Blue Hawaii cocktail a couple years later in 1957! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the Blue Hawaii, we have a couple fun facts you might like…

Blue Hawaii: Pau vodka, Koloa rum, lemon, lime, blue curacao, pineapple, tall

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