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Tell Us What Toy You’ll be Donating and We’ll Tell You Which Free Appetizer To Get

top of waikiki toy drive

top of waikiki toy drive

Our favorite time of the year is the holiday season! The holidays are our favorite for many reasons, especially because it’s the perfect time of the year to give back. Help us give back to Hawaii’s keiki by participating in our annual Toy Drive and donate a new, unwrapped toy now through December 22- all donations benefit the Waikiki Community Center.


To say “mahalo,” for your donation, we’ll be giving you a complimentary appetizer with purchase of any entrée. It’s a great way to give back and get something delicious in return! Better yet, these dishes feature locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, which is just another way we support our community here, in Hawaii.


If you’re unsure what [free] appetizer you should get, we’ve got you covered! Tell us which toy you’ll be donating this year and we’ll tell you which appetizer you should order!


Which toy will you be donating?

stuffed animal
barbie doll
train set
silly putty
art set
leap frog computer
etch a sketch
hot wheels monster trucks

Tell Us What Toy You’ll be Donating and We’ll Tell You Which Free Appetizer To Get
Blue Crab Cake

blue crab cakes

You’re playing it safe and there’s nothing wrong with that! Every kid loves stuffed animals, just like everyone loves Blue Crab Cakes. Plus, they’re both fluffy!

Blue Crab Cake – Blue Crab with house-made tartar sauce
Diver Scallops

scallops top of waikiki appetizers farm to table

Barbie is classic, proper, and she’s always in style! That’s why you should order our Diver Scallops- they’re the perfect start to any meal no matter which entrée you choose. Plus, they’re always freshly caught and always delicious!

Diver Scallops – Served with local corn and applewood smoked bacon in a curry oil and balsamic reduction
Goat Cheese Rangoons

table set with locally sourced goat cheese Rangoons

Train sets are nice and orderly, but they’re also exciting! Which way will they go? When will they choo-choo? Just like our Goat Cheese Rangoons, each piece looks nice and uniform, but they’re filled with excitement on the inside! And that excitement is goat cheese locally sourced in Hawaii! Oh, but please resist making a Rangoon train at the table…

Goat Cheese Rangoons – Deep-fried Hawaii Island Dairy goat cheese with bacon and chives with a five-spice dipping sauce
Roasted Brussels Sprouts

asian fusion style Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Silly Putty is like Play Doh with a twist. Which is exactly why you should order our Roasted Brussels Sprouts- they take plain ol’ brussels sprouts and give them a flavorful twist with a spicy kick!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts – Served with a spicy soy garlic sauce
Sizzling Steak on a Rock

table set with Sizzling Steak On A Rock and French Onion Soup

You decided to go with an unexpected toy for your donation and that’s why you’ll love our Sizzling Steak on a Rock featuring farm-to-table Hamakua eryngi mushroom! Steak…on a rock? Can’t get much more unexpected than that!

Sizzling Steak on a Rock – 4oz. seared boneless short rib, Hamakua eryngi mushroom, and ginger relish served on a hot rock
Duck Pizza

asian fusion style duck pizza

Legos are great because you can take all of these different little pieces and put them together to create an amazing masterpiece, just like our Duck Pizza! All of these unexpected ingredients come together to make the best duck pizza ever (and, yes, this is our unbiased opinion).

Duck Pizza – Chinese roasted duck, hoisin, sriracha, green onions, avocado, and cilantro on a scallion pancake crust
Top of Waikiki Poke

top of waikiki ahi poke farm to table

Art sets are perfect for kids to unleash their creativity and make whatever their little heart’s desire. That’s also why you should order our Top of Waikiki Poke! Fresh, locally caught ahi with spicy ko chu jang sauce and kula lettuce cups on the side, you can eat this poke however your heart desires. Do you dip straight into the sauce? Are you making a lettuce wrap? The world is your oyster (or should we say poke bowl?)!

Top of Waikiki Poke – Fresh ahi, onions, jalapenos, Korean-style Ko Chu Jang sauce, and Kula baby romaine lettuce
Garlic Shrimp

garlic shrimp

The xylophone is almost like a rite of passage in childhood. Every kid gets a xylophone, and everyone loves getting garlic shrimp! Especially in Hawaii and especially at Top of Waikiki! You seriously can never go wrong with either of these things.

Garlic Shrimp – Garlic and panko-crusted shrimp, tsuke mono relish, and lemon wedge
Big Island Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Big Island Goat Cheese Bruschetta with diamond head and ocean view

Because…they’re both fancy. It is bruschetta with locally sourced chevre after all.

Big Island Goat Cheese Bruschetta – Bruschetta with Hawaii Island Goat Dairy chevre, tomato jam, and Hale Ka’a micro greens
Fried Calamari

fried calamari for waikiki's best happy hour

You picked an Etch-a-Sketch because it’s a classic toy than any kid would be happy to have. Which is exactly why you should try our Fried Calamari! It’s a staple appetizer and, come on, who doesn’t love calamari?

Fried Calamari – Lightly dredged calamari with house-made chili aioli
Loaded Baked Potato Tots

waikikis best happy hour top of waikiki

Classic Hot Wheels, but with a twist! That’s why you’ll absolutely love our Loaded Baked Potato Tots. They’ve got the same components as a baked potato but…with tots! And don’t worry if you zoom through the first layer of delicious toppings, there’s a second layer in there, too!

Loaded Baked Potato Tots – Fully loaded tots with sour cream sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, chives, and bacon bits

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Now that you know what appetizer you should get when you make a toy donation, be sure to book your table now!