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The Best Way to Shake Up Date Night

eat dessert first

Fact: Top of Waikiki is the perfect place for date night. Slowly revolving 21 stories above Waikiki Beach and the Honolulu city lights with a mouthwatering meal and your favorite glass of wine? Yes, please!


But if you’re looking for a fun way to shake it up, we’ve got it. In honor of National Dessert Day on October 14, fulfill your childhood dream: start with dessert! You know what they say: life is short, eat dessert first.

eat dessert first

Luckily for you and bae, we’ve got 5 convincing reasons to start with dessert (as if it wasn’t reason enough in itself)…


1. Start your date with a laugh

What’s more delightfully spontaneous than starting dinner with dessert? Show your date you know how to be playful, while still spoiling him or her with the decadence of a Molten Chocolate Butter Cake. There’s no better way to get a date to fall for you than butter cake, chocolate ganache, and salted butter sauce served with Tahitian vanilla gelato. Amirite?

molten chocolate butter cake


2. STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards

After a long day, help your mind unwind by starting with the best course, first. You know what will take your mind off what your irritating coworker did today? Beginning your meal with delectable layers of cake, ice cream, and sorbet engulfed in torched meringue. Yup, we said it, lead off dinner with our Baked Alaska and your worries will be a torched speck of the past.

baked alaska dessert top of waikiki


3. Science

We aren’t scientists, but we did hear that eating a little fat before your meal helps you to absorb vitamins and nutrients better. Meaning? Enjoying a locally made sorbet or gelato before your salad…makes your salad healthier! You’re welcome.


4. Happiness is key

We all know sugar can increase endorphins, and we can’t think of a better way to start a date than with a boost of happiness! Top of Waikiki’s Signature Apple Pie will certainly give you the joyful push you’re looking for; warm apple pie with brown butter crumble served with Tahitian vanilla gelato…we’re smiling already!

top of waikiki's signature apple pie


5. Make it two

The first four reasons didn’t sell you, the best reason to start with dessert is obvious…it gives you an excuse to have dessert twice! Can’t decide between the Mango Crème Brulee and the House-made Chewy Fudge Brownie Sundae? No problem, start with our mango custard, caramelized vanilla bean sugar, and mango-lime compote. Then finish off the meal with our fudge brownie, almond brittle, butterscotch sauce, and vanilla gelato!

house-made fudge brownie sundae

Ready to plan your next dessert-first date night? Make your reservations today! And remember, when it comes to the perfectly romantic night, we’ll never dessert you.