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The Ultimate Hawaii Gift Guide

top of waikiki gift card overlooking royal hawaiian hotel

Throughout the year, holidays and special occasions pop-up out of nowhere. One day at work we look at our calendars and we begin to panic as we see how close we are to that special day. What’s the best gift for our co-workers, friends, family, and the neighbor across the street??

At this moment, we’re in the thick of the holiday season and the panic has begun to sink in.


Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season and, while you were enjoying your holiday dinner, the sand in the timer to find the perfect gift has begun to run. There are so many questions that come with trying to find the ultimate gifts. Do I get them something fun or something useful? Do they have a list? Do they just want cash? What size shirt do they wear? What do you get for someone you hardly talk to besides in the elevator every morning about the commute into work? As these questions come into your head, so does the panic.


This year, our gift to you is to take some of the panic out of your life with our Ultimate Gift Guide. We did extensive research on breaking down gifts for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. With our research, we discovered four primary directions to go when it comes to deciding on a gift: a traditional wrapped gift, DIY present, gift card, or experience.


Traditional – Bought and wrapped

waikiki shopping plaza from kalakaua avenue


The most obvious option is to jump in your car and head down to the local mall and browse all the options in person. Get out and walk from store to store until the little light bulb goes off. The Waikiki Shopping Plaza has a range of home, clothes, and other unique finds that you can quickly pick up and wrap up so the holiday stress can settle down. Plus, if you’re on vacation, a Hawaii souvenir is the perfect option as everyone loves a little aloha in their life!


DIY – Mason Jar Art

mason jar filled with twinkle lights on the beach with a sunset in the back


Sometimes you can’t buy the ultimate gift but have to make it yourself. Pinterest is the perfect starting point for some help with creativity. Everyone likes reflecting on fun memories; why not create a decorative sand jar that includes a photo inside from your summer beach BBQ? A gift that will quickly find its way to a premier spot on your friend’s desk.


Gift cards – Dinner with a View

top of waikiki gift card overlooking royal hawaiian hotel


The safest yet one of the most exciting gifts to give for any special occasion or holiday is a gift card. And of the types of gift cards to get, food is the best. People constantly have food on the brain, so why not give someone what they can’t stop thinking about? A Top of Waikiki gift card will not only give someone a wonderful meal but also a memorable experience with revolving sunset views of Waikiki.


Experience – Horseback Riding

horseback riding on the beach


Lastly, sometimes gifts aren’t always the way to go. Life gets hectic and responsibilities overflow that you might not get the opportunity to see your friends or family that often. Maybe the best gift is spending time together doing something fun. Saddle up and head to Kualoa Ranch for horseback riding for a remarkable experience.


Hopefully one of these ideas crossed a name or two off your list, or at least lead you down a path to get one step closer to letting go of the holiday stress. Make sure to bookmark this for the next time a birthday pops up last minute and your brain blanks on where to start looking for the ultimate gift. Oh yeah and, if you’re looking for a place for dinner to celebrate a special occasion, check out Top of Waikiki!