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Why You Deserve 10% Off Steak

Mama's New York Steak for sunset dinner

There is a special feeling about sitting down for dinner. The moment you open the menu and find yourself a nice juicy, perfectly seasoned steak as a reward for a solid day’s effort. It is the first time of the day where one can sit back and reflect on all the ups and downs that took place to reach that point.

Maybe you woke up early to do a little last-minute prep for your big meeting that you had been working on for the last six weeks. Maybe you were at home dealing with a bunch of obnoxious children who refused to clean up after themselves. Or maybe you slept in on the first day of your vacation before making your way to the beach where you basked under the sun all afternoon and forgot to put on sunscreen.

No matter what your day looked like, we know that you’ve earned a mouth-watering steak for dinner. We’re sure there were several times you wanted to just jump back in bed and call it a day, but you didn’t and for that, we’re going to give you 10% off steak for any dinner for the entirety of November. You know what, we’ll even let you add 3pc sautéed shrimp to any entrée including our lovely steaks for only $9 because you deserve it. Now we know you’re eager to get the best steak in Waikiki, but while you wait for the clock to strike 5 pm, scroll down and see which steak you’ll be dining on tonight.

Mama’s New York Steak

mama's new york steak

12oz. sliced New York steak, Thai-inspired Ho Farms tomato and onion relish, and a spicy

chili-lemon sauce

Surf & Turf

Surf & Turf at Top of Waikiki

6oz. Beef tenderloin, merus-cut king crab legs, asparagus, and red bliss potatoes, veal jus and

bearnaise sauce

Paniolo Ribeye

16oz Paniolo Ribeye at Top of Waikiki

16oz. With button mushrooms, onions, roasted brussels sprouts, cowboy compound butter, and a balsamic reduction

Filet Mignon

filet mignon at top of waikiki

6oz. Beef tenderloin with veal jus, asparagus, bacon, mashed potatoes, and house-fried potato chips.

It’s hard to believe you can get any of these steaks 10% off but you can. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself tonight! Reserve now.