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Why You Should Shop Local

buy hawaii

buy hawaii

It’s no secret that local businesses are growing in popularity and shopping local is extremely trendy right now, but why should you really shop local? Keep reading for 6 reasons why shopping local is important!


  1. Local businesses give back (more) to the community

    When you shop locally, you’re supporting your town and neighborhood. Businesses pay sales taxes to the city and county they’re located in, so shopping local helps keep money in your community. This helps to support public schools, parks, roads, and fund public service workers.

  2. Jobs and opportunities

    create local jobs

    Shopping local gives more business to these small companies and creates more potential job opportunities for local people.

  3. It’s going to make you feel good

    feel good

    Would you rather give your money to a giant corporate business or a local mom-and-pop shop? Local businesses and their owners strive to survive and care more about their reputation and rapport with customers. They are able to provide more personable and hands-on service, which gives you an elevated experience when shopping with them.

  4. Local businesses keep our community unique

    Local businesses are one-of-a-kind and an integral part of our community’s character and identity. They are distinguished when compared to shopping in a chain store that looks the same anywhere else and sells the same products as they do in all of their locations.

  5. Community well-being

    You’re much more likely to get to know and develop a relationship with a local business owner than an owner of a big-box business. This helps to provide a stronger sense of community and what makes it feel like “home.”

  6. Environmental sustainability

    buy local

    Locally owned businesses make more local purchases than big businesses. These require less transportation and are usually located in town or city centers which means less congestion, habitat loss, and pollution.


At Top of Waikiki, we love supporting local businesses and farms and sourcing local ingredients whenever possible. One of our favorite farm partners, Ho Farms, is located right here on Oahu!

ho farms location

Ho Farms is truly a family business and has been for the last 18 years. They are located in Kahuku and each member of the Ho family is intimately involved in the business. They provide high quality and fresh produce that we are proud to serve at Top of Waikiki!


Ho Farms respects Hawaii’s delicate ecosystem and makes great strides to minimize their environmental impact. They’ve invested heavily in technology that allows them to grow quality produce without heavy pesticide spraying. Less pesticides means less ground water contamination and an overall healthier, more natural, and better tasting product. In 2007, Ho Farms was recognized as one of Hawaii’s premium products by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and their Hawaii Seal of Quality Program.


Check out these Top of Waikiki dishes that feature ingredients from Ho Farms:


House Salad $11

MA’O Farms sassy mix, radishes, Ho Farms tomatoes, and cucumbers with a pomegranate vinaigrette and sliced almonds

house salad

Beet, Avocado & Goat Cheese Salad $17

Beets, ume gastrique, avocado mousse, Ho Farms tomatoes, and Hawaii Island Dairy goat cheese croquettes

beet avocado goat cheese salad local

Homegrown Warabi Salad $18

Ho Farms cherry tomatoes, sliced onions, and grilled cuttlefish with a soy, lemon dressing

warabi salad

Pan-Seared Ahi $33

6oz. Bigeye tuna and fried tofu with house-made ponzu sauce and Ho Farms tomatoes and sweet Maui onion relish

pan-seared ahi steak

Grilled New Zealand King Salmon $35

6oz. salmon, fingerling potatoes, applewood smoked bacon, kale, and Ho Farms tomatoes topped with salsa verde

hawaii regional steak and seafood waikiki

Mama’s New York Steak $38

12oz. sliced New York steak, Thai-inspired Ho Farms tomato and onion relish, and a spicy chili-lemon sauce

Reserve your table for tonight and don’t forget to look for the pineapple on our menu for all dishes with local ingredients!